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Therapy within adventure

Edited by Kaye Richards with Barbara Smith

Format A5
300 Seiten / 91 Fotos / Graf. / Tab.
ISBN 978-3-934 214-89-7 (Softcover)
29,- EUR

Drawing upon papers presented at the Second International Adventure Therapy Conference, this text presents some of the current international debates on the theory and practice of adventure therapy. It provides a set of rich and thought provoking papers that examine the ways in which the 'outdoors' and 'adventure' can be used as process for therapeutic change and healing. In its search for the 'therapy within adventure' it tackles a range of philosophical, professional and practical issues that the field is currently faced with. It addresses the differences between therapeutic adventure and adventure therapy. It draws upon theories of change both from outdoor adventure and psychotherapy perspectives. It examines different clients needs in applied outdoor settings. It questions its professional frameworks and it interweaves adventure and therapy in its search for a unique identity. Overall, it maps out new terrain on the journey of widening and enhancing quality adventure therapy practices across the world.

Produkt-ID: 978-3-934214-89-7

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